Real Time Chat for Roofers

Real Time Chat Mobile Customer Support for Roofers

The customer support experience can make or break how a customer rates your business. Nearly 79% of all customers said they consider reviews to be as credible as a personal recommendation. Your roofing business depends on recommendations and ratings for filling your calendar before the season begins. Real Time Marketing takes pride in our Real Time Chat solutions that can help you manage your customer relationships and take your roofing business to the next level.

Real Time Reviews for Roofers

Real Time Chat Aims to Help Roofing Businesses


The most important thing to realize is that you might be tempted to offer solutions that are automated and lower cost, but this can be a mistake. You need to think about how your customer sees the customer experience and the impact that will affect your ability to drive business and turn potential customers into paying customers.

One solution that many small roofing companies choose is a chatbot that can direct customers to the answer they need with little input from a live human. These are some of the more cost-effective solutions being offered, but they can end up costing you much more than they save.

The problem is that an automated chatbot system treats your customers like they are a number, and not all of their possible questions can be included in a database. In a recent survey, 29% of customers expressed frustration when these types of customer support solutions gave them an answer that is not responsive to their needs.

Real Time Chat Benefits Roofers Like You

The Real Time Chat feature has many benefits for roofing businesses. The most important benefit is you can build positive relationships with customers and those who contact you for a quote. The app is easy to use, and you can manage it from a dashboard on your phone that is easy to use.

It allows you to convert leads into customers through responsive, live interaction with those who contact you. The system will send you and your staff notifications if a call goes unanswered so that it does not result in a lost or angry customer. You can see reports to see how your customers rate their chat support experience, so you can take action to make it even better.

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How to Use and Install Real Time Chat


Using Real Time Chat is as easy as using other apps on your phone. The best part is that Real Time Marketing provides excellent support and can help you get up and running quickly.

Here are the steps to install and begin using the software.

  • Download and install the app
  • Add your staff to the app
  • Set access permissions
  • Start receiving chat messages from leads and current customers

Why Roofing Contractors Rely on Real Time Chat

For many roofing companies, the first concern is providing excellent roofing services for their respective customers, but contractors also know the importance of taking care of their customer’s needs and answering their questions quickly. Real Time Chat gives you a way to do both without the need to hire additional staff or rely on chatbots.

With Real Time Chat, it is easy to:

  • Create logins for staff quickly and easily from the app.

  • Control staff access and permissions from the dashboard.

  • Receive unanswered call alerts so you can respond before the query is lost.

  • Remove Real Time Chat from staff phones remotely if needed.

  • Receive push notifications of incoming messages from customers.

  • Receive up-to-date customer satisfaction and performance reports.


Statistics on Real Time Chat for Roofers

  • Studies found that customers prefer using the phone over any other type of support, but they chose chat as their second choice 85% of the time. They do not prefer social media and email support because they can have to wait 24 hours or longer for a response. If you are using email and social media, it might be costing you more than you think.

  • Over 73% of customers said they want to feel that the company values their time. Real Time Chat allows you to give your customers the fast response they want.

  • Nearly 51% of customers prefer a company that offers responsive chat solutions over those that offer email, social media, and automated responses.

Enjoy Real Time Marketing’s Solutions for Roofers


It is clear that choosing the right software solutions for your chat support can have a significant impact on whether someone chooses your company for their next roof repair or replacement. Real Time Chat allows you to be responsive to their needs and show them that you care about the service they receive from the time they first call you up until the job is complete.

If you are looking for a new chat solution that will improve satisfaction with your customer service response, contact the experts at Real Time Marketing. Let us get started with helping you achieve your goals right away.

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