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In the ever-evolving landscape of legal practice, staying ahead of the competition is paramount. Real Time Marketing understands the unique challenges that lawyers and law firms face in the digital age, and that's why we've crafted an unparalleled solution tailored specifically for legal professionals. Welcome to Real Time Marketing's Google Local Services Ads (LSA) package for lawyers - your gateway to a dynamic, data-driven approach to legal marketing. With our expertise, you can harness the power of Google LSA to not only amplify your online presence but also to attract quality clients who are seeking your legal expertise. Join us on a journey where innovation meets tradition, and where your legal prowess meets the cutting edge of digital marketing.


What Are Google Local Services Ads?

Google Local Services Ads (LSA) is a powerful tool designed to establish a direct connection between legal practitioners and potential clients in their vicinity. When individuals seek the legal services you provide on Google, your ads appear at the top of search results, ensuring seamless discovery and contact.

Embracing Google LSA means your law firm incurs costs solely when a prospective client books an appointment through your ad. This translates to a budget-friendly solution that enhances your reach and garners high-caliber leads. In stark contrast, pay-per-click advertising charges for every click, whether or not it results in an actual service engagement.

Google LSA allows you to choose the services you want to market. Meaning, you ONLY pay for calls for the service(s) you select! The dashboard enables you to customize which services you want to turn on or turn off under the Lawyer category, based on what services you need to sell at a given time.

Sustained Success with Google LSA

Whether you're venturing into online advertising for the first time or seeking to expand your presence among local clients, Google LSA establishes a direct link between your law practice and the clients who need your legal expertise the most.

Here are some of the benefits that your law practice can expect to gain from Real Time Marketing's Google LSA package:

Increased visibility
in search results

Google LSA for lawyers provides an instant boost in visibility. Your firm's ads prominently appear at the top of relevant search results, ensuring that potential clients notice you first. This prime positioning sets you apart from competitors and maximizes your chances of being chosen.

Increased trust
and credibility

Google LSA includes the coveted Google Guarantee badge, which instills trust and confidence in potential clients. This badge signifies that your firm has been vetted and that Google stands behind your services. As a result, your credibility soars, and potential clients are more likely to choose your firm over others.

Improvеd lеad

LSA attracts high-intent leads. When potential clients click on your ad, they are genuinely interested in legal services like yours. This means that the leads you receive are often of higher quality and more likely to convert into clients, saving you time and resources.


With Google LSA, you only pay when a potential client contacts your firm directly through the ad. This pay-per-lead model ensures that your advertising budget is spent efficiently, as you're not paying for clicks that don't result in client inquiries.

Easy lead

Managing leads through Google LSA is streamlined. The system provides a convenient platform for communicating with potential clients, making it easy to schedule consultations and follow up with inquiries. This simplifies the process of converting leads into clients.

Access to
performance data

Google LSA offers valuable insights into your campaign's performance. You can access data on the number of leads generated, the cost per lead, and other important metrics. This data allows you to fine-tune your campaign, optimizing your ad spend and strategy for even better results.


A Quick Guide on the Process of Google Guarantee Ads

Google LSA offers an additional layer of trust through Google Guarantee. When customers see your Google Guaranteed badge, they know you've passed Google's rigorous background check. This enhances their confidence in choosing your law firm.

  • When a potential client turns to Google in search of legal services, such as "lawyer near me" or "emergency legal counsel," Real Time Marketing's Google Local Services Ads (LSA) for lawyers steps into the limelight.

  • Your law firm's Google LSA assumes a prominent position right at the top of Google's search results page, showcasing the prestigious Google Guaranteed badge. This strategic placement not only guarantees maximum visibility but also bolsters your reputation and credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

  • The intrigued client, impressed by your Google Guaranteed status, takes the initiative to contact your law firm directly through the Local Services Ad.

  • Upon receiving the client's call, you promptly spring into action. Your initial step involves verifying whether the requested legal service falls within your designated service areas. If it does, you proceed to schedule and confirm the consultation or appointment, effectively securing a potential legal case.

The Google Guarantee process streamlines the customer's journey, making it easier for them to find and choose your legal practice. When you proudly showcase the Google Guaranteed badge on your Local Services Ad, you are sowing the seeds of trust in potential clients, resulting in a surge of inquiries and bookings. This practice serves as an invaluable asset for your legal practice, assuring clients of their protection and bolstering their confidence. As you consistently deliver top-tier legal services within your designated areas, this trust becomes the cornerstone of your firm's success.

How to Get Started with Google Local Service Ads

To participate in Google Local Services Ads, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Business license and insurance

    To establish credibility and reliability, you must possess the necessary documents to provide services in the areas where you want to advertise.

    • Owner license (state or province level)
    • Business license (state or province level)
    • Insurance (general liability insurance and professional liability insurance)

    Google will verify these during the application process.

  • Background check

    As part of the application process, all business owners and employees providing services must pass a background check. This includes a check of criminal and sex offender databases and a background check on your law firm.

  • Good reputation

    A stellar reputation is the cornerstone of success in the digital landscape. Your law firm must maintain a positive standing with customers, reflecting high ratings and a substantial number of positive reviews on Google.

  • Service area

    For your law firm to be eligible, it must be located where Google Local Services Ads are accessible. Currently, this includes many cities and regions in the United States and Canada.

  • Compliance with Google policies

    Your legal practice must comply with all of Google's policies, including those related to ad content, customer privacy, and data security.

  • Usage of the Google Local Services Ads platform

    You must use the Google Local Services Ads platform to manage your ads and communicate with customers who contact you through the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Assistance for Your Google LSA Campaigns

If you're having trouble with your Google LSA campaign, Real Time Marketing can help you troubleshoot and find solutions. Here are some common issues you might encounter and how Real Time Marketing can help:

Ads not showing up

If your Google LSA isn't showing up in search results, don't worry. Real Time Marketing is here to lend a hand. We'll take a close look at your campaign settings, ensuring that you're targeting the right keywords and service areas. Plus, if any technical issues are hindering the display of your LSA, we'll pinpoint them and get things back on track.

Low conversion rates

If your LSA campaign is generating leads but those leads aren't converting into paying clients, we've got you covered there too. Our goal is to identify any roadblocks that might be preventing potential clients from booking your legal services. With our expertise, we'll provide solutions to overcome these obstacles and help you turn those leads into satisfied clients. Your success is our priority.

Real Time Marketing can work with you to troubleshoot any issues you might be having with your Google LSA campaign and help you find solutions that improve your results and maximize your ROI.

No Objections, Just Results with Real Time Marketing

At Real Time Marketing, we stand by your side as a steadfast partner, dedicated to maximizing the potential of your Google LSA campaigns. Our team of digital marketing experts boasts a rich history of expertise in managing and optimizing Google LSA specifically for lawyers. We have a solid track record of achieving tangible results for legal professionals like you.

When you choose Real Time Marketing for your Google LSA needs, you can expect the following:

  • Expert guidance: We'll work with you to understand your business goals and help you develop a custom LSA strategy that fits your needs and budget.
  • Results-driven approach: We use data and analytics to measure the success of your campaign and make adjustments that improve your ROI.
  • Transparency and communication: We'll keep you informed about the performance of your campaign and provide regular reports and updates.
  • Dedicated support: Our team is always available to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Ready to power up your legal practice with Google Local Services Ads? Contact Real Time Marketing today to schedule a conversation and discover how we can ignite your marketing strategy.

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