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Being a dentist, you know that your biggest challenge is finding local patients and driving them to your business. Referrals are one of the most important strategies for helping your practice grow, but the question is, how to get more of them? Social media is the answer to this, and if it is not already part of your marketing mix, there are many reasons why it should be.

Let Real Time Marketing provide the solutions for your dental practice. We have helped many practitioners reach more potential customers and take advantage of the free advertising that social media provides. Let's explore a little bit more about how this works.


Why Dentists Need Social Media Marketing for Dentists


Social media marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing channels. If you have a website, you can rely on organic traffic, Google Ads, Yelp, and other proven strategies to drive potential clients to your site. These strategies are important, but if you still have blank spaces in your appointment book, then the power of social media can help you fill them with customers. Social media is a powerful tool for not only letting potential customers know that you are out there but for gaining essential social proof through likes and shares. Social media marketing can help you take your practice to the next level.

Social Media Marketing Statistics Every Dental Practitioner Should Know

Here are a few things that you might not know about social media and the power that it has to drive your dental practice and help you find new customers.

  • About 3.78 billion people use social media globally, and this number is expected to continue to grow to over 4 billion by 2025.

  • This represents about 48% of the global population. This also means that about half of the people in your local area are using it, too.

  • When potential customers are looking for new products and services, about 54% said they turn to social media first, even before a Google search. The main reason is social proof. They want recommendations from family and friends that they know personally.

  • Another recent study found that 71% of social media users were willing to tell others about a positive experience they had with a local business, and this drives referrals to your dentistry business.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your Dental Practice

Clearly, social media marketing has the potential to reach a larger number of potential customers. When it comes to dentistry, people want to know what kind of experience they can expect. Friends and family members are the most trusted source of this information. Right now, there are over 100 social media networks out there, and knowing which ones to use and how to use them can be a daunting task. That is where our experts at Real Time Marketing can help.

  • Build brand awareness and recognition

  • Increase traffic to your website

  • Tell your brand’s story

  • Keep your audience up-to-date

  • Generate conversations around your brand, products, and services

  • Increase referrals through social media

  • Provide exceptional customer service

  • Build customer loyalty

  • Build an audience for your promotions

How Our Social Media Marketing Services for Dentists Work

At Real Time Marketing, we take a methodical approach to developing a social media marketing strategy that works for you. Our management team has over 74 years of combined experience, and we know how to develop a plan that gets you proven results.

Establishing Goals and Objectives

The initial step is to get to know you and your business. We want to know what your business goals are, and we want to know what makes your dental practice stand out from the competition. Getting to know you and your expectations helps us develop a road map for helping you meet your business goals this year.


The next phase of the process is research. Our team of experts explores how people looking for your services in your local area are using social media. We explore the best time to post, and we take a look at the strategies used by your competition to see how we can give you an edge over them. The research phase is a crucial part of the planning process.

Planning the Campaign

After gathering all the information we need to develop a social media marketing strategy for your business that works, the next part is the planning process. We look at what types of posts will be likely to drive your business and when they should be posted to be the most effective. We work with you to develop a plan that works for your goals and your budget.

Plan Execution

The next part is putting the plan into action. Our team at Real Time Marketing develops posts that will get attention and make people want to find out more about your business. All you have to do is to provide excellent dental care for your clients and know that your social media marketing is as good as done.

Our social media marketing services are divided into two processes:

Our social media marketing services are divided into two processes:

  • Social Media Design

    Our design team is familiar with the requirements and best design practices for all major social media platforms. We have years of experience designing posts that will get attention and that have high clickthrough rates. Our design team creates ads and posts that use well-researched, proven strategies to get people to find out more about your services and encourage likes and shares.

  • Social Media Posting

    The best part is that we take care of the posting for you. You do not have to dedicate staff to making social media posts that only get mediocre results. You have a team of experts that will monitor the results and make adjustments to help you get the most from your advertising budget. We post at a time when your potential customers are most likely to see them and take action.


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