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If you’re not happy with where your website falls in the search results, it might be time to invest in some search engine optimization. You may have the best website design, branding, and the best product or service in your industry. For better or worse though, if you're not on the first page of the search results, a good website alone won’t make your phone ring. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you can get found online and Real Time Marketing is the agency to help you achieve it. Search engines understand words and phrases, also called keywords, as well as the overall context of a website.

Search marketers understand how a few words can make all the difference in both organic and paid search results. And we’re not just talking about position either. The right keywords can also help your website rank for related searches, get found in image searches, and earn valuable site links. Whether we like it or not, your meta description, search volume, accelerated mobile pages, off-page factors, and link building matter most in search engine land. Let our team here at Real Time become your very own search engine watch and safeguard your search rankings from your competitors.

Real Time Marketing, the leader in digital marketing provides:

Customers Get Results

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Here are some statistics from recent studies that confirm why your business needs a cohesive SEO strategy:

Your SEO Success is Elevated through our Technology

Search engine algorithms rank web pages based in part on how well they match a search query and part on the authority of the page. Other sites that link to yours play a big role in your website’s ability to rank.

Gain the superior edge with Real Time Marketing's technology. Make sure you stand out from your competition with better reviews, consistent social media publishing, and responsive live chat. Your brand is your business and we make sure to provide our proprietary software to keep your brand booming! Here are quick snapshots of the Real Time Marketing Analytics Dashboard:

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Keyword Ranking

Monitor your website’s progress up the search engine rankings for the keywords you care about, and gain a more in-depth look into how your website is giving the results you need with our Keyword Ranking Dashboard. Tracking keywords allows you to see how you rank for certain terms and where you might need to focus your attention. That's just how search engines work, and our top-rated dashboard can help you track this information so you're always in the know.


GBP Management

Our GBP management service helps you rank higher on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). The reason is simple. Google Business Profile management optimizes all the different elements of your business profile for search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, when potential customers search for businesses like yours on Google, your business profile is more likely to appear on the first page of SERPs. We offer you a greater competitive edge while staying true to the goals and standards of your business. We do this by helping you make the most of Google Business Profile and the many ways it can work to your advantage.

Website contact us concept  - contact buttons on computer keyboard

Contact Form Tracking

Contact forms on your website serve an important role in your online marketing efforts, as these are one of the top mechanisms (along with phone calls) that capture your potential customers’ direct responses. Contact form submissions can also help you identify how successful your marketing campaigns are, and evaluate your search engine traffic.

The hand presses the call button on the phone.

Call Tracking

Real Time Marketing gives you the added advantage of having access to the essential tools that allow instant interaction with your potential customers and provide greater insights about your conversions. Call tracking allows you to see the calling behavior of your potential clients as well as a segmented view of the results of your marketing campaigns.

We understand SEO thoroughly, which is why we can bring your brand to greater heights and bring you to the online world’s attention for good. We will craft a strategy unique for your brand regardless of your industry. Once we do so, we can help you achieve greater online visibility. Ranking first will be easier because we will prioritize the most influential SEO factors, such as link and citation metrics, keyword usage, social metrics, PageRank, as well as query, traffic, and engagement data, domain-level brand metrics, and other determining factors.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Get Exceptional Customer Experience with Real Time Marketing

When you become a Real Time Marketing client, you automatically get not just a dedicated account manager but a team of digital marketing experts and customer service specialists committed to bringing you the best results and experience possible. We understand that every business is different, which is why we offer customized plans and services to suit your unique needs and goals.

We are proactive in taking care of your campaigns that’s why immediately after onboarding, your monthly check-in meetings are set up based on your preferred schedule. During onboarding, your goals and expectations are being set,  and we make sure that these are being communicated and met throughout your entire partnership with us.

Your dedicated account manager will know your pains and aspirations, and will be your main contact as Real Time Marketing bridges the gap between your current situation to your goals through a sound strategy and proper execution.

Dedicated Account Manager

Monthly Check-in Meetings

24/7 Support Ticket System

Onboarding Process

Support from Digital Marketing Experts

24-hour Response Time

Our SEO Process Leads to Online Success

We have been a driving force in the digital marketing scene since 2008. We understand what it takes to take your brand to the next level and get you on the first page of Google or any other search engine. At Real Time Marketing, we will make sure that your website will:

Be accessible for search engines to read your website

Consist Of The Necessary Relevant Keywords

Offer fast load speeds

Feature a schema markup that will stand out in SERPs

Have useful content that meets the needs of your audience

Provide a great user experience

Use attractive titles, simple URLs, and accurate descriptions to draw high clickthrough rates



Having an optimized website does more for your business than you may think. Being on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) has a significant impact on your website’s traffic. In fact, the first five organic results on SERP receive 67.60% of all the clicks (source: SparkToro). This is why we put in the extra effort to help our clients achieve and maintain their ranking on SERPs.

Organic search results are the listings on a SERP that appear because of their relevance to the user’s search query, as opposed to being advertisements. Search engines work hard to give users the most relevant results possible because that’s what users want.

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