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Looking to have increased brand exposure, website visitors, and conversions?

Your business may provide reliable products and services but are you sure that your site is attracting your target audience the way you hoped it would? Having a website is but the first step. Unfortunately, organic site traffic takes time to build up, perhaps longer than what you may have earlier anticipated depending on your industry. At times, you will need to ramp up your brand exposure and traffic especially when you are launching a new website or a new product. All these, however, require the expertise and experience of a professional team. Does your company afford to take on this challenge alone?

It is best that you rely on the experts. Real Time Marketing is your best bet, as we take pride in offering an industry-leading Pay-per-Click Advertising service. We provide paid advertising services on Google, the top search engine in the world for years, and Facebook, the most popular social media platform. We are well-versed in using two of the most renowned platforms where your clients are and making the paid ads work to your brand’s advantage.

Real Time Marketing has a huge portfolio of Pay-per-Click Advertising clients in the home services industry and various niches. Our PPC Google Ads for plumber clients are more than satisfied with the volume of calls we provide to them month after month.  Our Pay-per-Click Advertising for HVAC clients are likewise happy with regular calls and inquiries they are receiving from their PPC campaigns. Also, our Google PPC for Roofing clients have seen the number of their customers go to the roof with our expert management! The competition in dental industry is tough, but our pay-per-click ads management for dentists brought teeth into our clients' branding and lead generation campaigns.


Still wondering if your brand can get that much-needed boost on paid advertising services?
Wonder no more because here are some statistics that prove that your company will be better off advertising than not at all:

No less than the premier search engine has espoused the significance of loading times. 

Paid advertising efforts have an 11.38% click-through rate on Google (Sparktoro, 2019)

Many people have noted that they click on a Google ad. In fact, it is at an astounding 63% of respondents. (Search Engine Land, 2019)

Google Ads results gain 65% of the clicks that began with buying keywords. This is a significant lead compared with organic results, which only received 35% (Craig McConnel)

E-commerce giant Amazon notes that a second of lag time would cost them $1.6 billion in sales each year. (FastCompany)

Google reports that search ads can give brand awareness a significant push by as much as 80%. This means that there will be a better recall and awareness of your company.


When it comes to paid advertising services, it pays to work with a team of experts. Let Real Time Marketing make sure that we provide the boost that your brand sorely needs so you can focus on your core functions. We have the industry professionals who have worked on some of the most successful advertising campaigns on social media and search engines on our team. That means you will benefit from experts who have the necessary experience and know-how to ensure the great results that you have always wanted.

Our methodology is quite simple yet we are committed to delivering unique and effective solutions for all our partner clients. Here is a quick look at how Real Time Marketing works its paid advertising magic:

Using the right strategies

We will work with you in setting the goals of the project.

Focusing on the right keywords

We aim to increase your presence by leveraging the appropriate keywords.

Developing excellent content

We will find ways to interrelate everything.

Optimizing the landing page

Content is king and yours will be fit for royalty with the help of Real Time Marketing.

Zero in on conversion tracking

Our team will track the leads and sales.

With Real Time Marketing’s paid advertising service, you can benefit from increased brand exposure and traffic, which can eventually lead to higher conversions. Our team is your partner in giving your brand the measurable results that you need in this ultra-competitive marketplace. Don’t let yourself wait endlessly just to gain a modicum of traction on organic results; make your mark now and leave the competition behind!



Get in touch with the respected industry experts of Real Time Marketing and find out what our partner clients already know: working with our team brings a world of benefits to the table for brands. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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