Our Partnership with SendJim

Real Time Marketing Partners with SendJim


SendJim is a trusted partner that helps you acquire new customers and increase customer lifetime value. SendJim’s automation software allows you to enter your customers, and their neighbors, into customizable drip mail sequences that can include postcards, handwritten cards, voicemail, and more! Automate things like 5 arounds, thank yous, maintenance reminders, and EDDM.

In a day and age where we are all indundated with email and digitial notifications, their solution helps you stand out from the crowd with physical mail. In fact, 73% of American consumers prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read mail at their own convenience. SendJim integrates with your CRM and allows you to automate all the best marketing practices that you don’t have time for.

Handwritten Card Case Study - My Garage Floor Guys (1)

Real Time Marketing helps local service providers grow their businesses through digital marketing and brand-building techniques. We serve professionals like HVAC specialists, tree services, roofers, plumbers, dentists, and other home service providers. Among our strongest partnerships is with npn360, which allows us to extend our offerings to help them build their business even more.

What This Partnership Means For Our Clients

SendJim offers advantages over similar software services.

Partnerships mean that we can provide even more services to our customers. The partnership with the SendJim team gives our customers access to marketing automation that saves times and implements best practices, helping them grow their business. It means that we can extend their marketing presence from online to offline, making them omnipresent.

Working with SendJim and Real Time Marketing will ensure you have a best in class marketing package without all the headaches.


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