Our Partnership with FieldEdge

Real Time Marketing Partners with FieldEdge


Real Time Marketing is proud to announce a partnership with FieldEdge. Through this partnership, it is our goal to offer our clients everything they need to streamline their operations and marketing efforts. We feel that this partnership will allow our clients to reach their goals and grow their businesses faster.

The FieldEdge Advantage

We are already the trusted source for digital marketing, but we wanted to do more for our clients, so we’ve partnered with FieldEdge to offer leading field service management (FSM) solutions. These days, professionals in the HVAC, trenchless plumbing repair, and home services industries absolutely must have reliable FSM tools. FieldEdge allows Real Time Marketing to provide a level of support like no other.

FieldEdge offers field service management software that helps contractors operate their businesses more efficiently. Clients using FieldEdge software solutions have experienced:

  • Over 20 hours saved per week

  • 75% time saved on reporting

  • 30% more efficient expenditures on advertising

  • 60% less time spent managing service agreements

  • 50% less spent on accounting

  • 138% return on the investment in the first year

What FieldEdge Has to Offer

FieldEdge offers three main advantages over similar software services.

RealTime 2-Way Quickbooks Integration

Most field service management platforms integrate with Quickbooks, but Field Edge offers a unique way of batching data rather than sharing it in real-time. What this means is that if you generate a quote invoice in a program like Service Titan, and an error occurs, you have to go into Quickbooks and delete it. Then, you have to recreate it in Service Titan.

In FieldEdge, however, you can edit anything on both platforms without having the redundancy of updating it on both platforms, and this saves time and prevents duplicates. Payments and communication can be automated, including communications about scheduling services, saving you on administrative hours and costs.


Service Agreement Management

Automation is the key to managing service agreements efficiently. Many HVAC contractors must manage multiple levels of agreements with various price points. During the process, you can show customers what their savings will be by having this built into the quote process. Potential customers will be shown what they can save on the plan. We also automate the payment and communication process to make sure customers are charged according to the agreed-upon schedule. Emails, texts, and pre-recorded voicemail messages are sent automatically when service is due. This saves staff hundreds of hours of work every year.

FieldEdge Flat Rate

Another advantage is flat rate pricing. Pricing is received every month from manufacturers and distributors across the country. Our flat rate database team updates this pricing, including over 30,000 repairs and equipment. It is adjusted by region. Techs can easily access flat rate pricing using our multi-option quote tool in the field. Coolfront is a leading flat rate database, and now, it is a part of the FieldEdge field service management platform. Now known as FieldEdge Flat Rate, this database includes rate information on over 30,000 repairs and equipment installation services, all separated by region.


The Customer Service You’ve Come to Expect

When you partner with Real Time Marketing, you receive customer service that is second to none. We make the process of marketing your business and supporting your FSM through FieldEdge a breeze by assigning a single point of contact with each account. Your personal Customer Success Manager is here to help you maximize your use of FieldEdge by guiding you through data uploads, providing ongoing training, helping with settings, and adding integrations.

These are just a few of the advantages FieldEdge has to offer, which are coupled with our reputation for excellent customer service. We believe in continual improvement and training to help us become even better.


Explore Real Time Marketing and FieldEdge

FieldEdge has over 40 years of experience helping businesses achieve measurable results and grow their businesses. At Real Time Marketing, we are excited to see the rewards that this partnership will provide to our clients. 

Ready to save money, build brand loyalty, and have more control over your FSM? Contact Real Time Marketing today to learn more about all that our partnership with FieldEdge has to offer!

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