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In the dental industry, one of the greatest tools you have at your disposal for building your practice is your website. When someone is looking for local services, the first place they go is to the Internet. Your website does more than any other traditional advertising channel you have. It builds customer trust in a way that makes people more likely to contact you to schedule an appointment. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and grow your dental clinic or practice.

Gain these SEO Advantages for your Dental Practice

  • Accessibility for search engines to read your website

  • Useful content that meets the needs of your target market

  • Optimization for necessary keywords

  • A great user experience

  • Faster load speeds

  • Capability to draw high click-through rates

SEO for Dentists

SEO for Dental Practitioners

Just like any other business, the key to getting patients in your door is to find a way to let them know what you have to offer. Having a website is not enough, and you need to make sure that you are seen by people needing your services. Search engine optimization for dentists helps Google match your dental practice website with the way people are searching for dental practices “near me.”

This is a much more effective technique than simply hoping that someone will happen to see your website and contact you. Real Time Marketing implements SEO with proven techniques to help you get found on the Internet by people in the local area who are looking for dentistry or another specialty dental practice. Professionals, such as Real Time Marketing, help you navigate the steps needed to climb the ranks of the search engine results pages (SERP) to make sure that your practice is presented to visitors ahead of your competition.

SEO for Dentists

How SEO Can Help Dentists

SEO uses strategies and techniques to help find out how people search for dentists and dental specialists in their local area. It explores the words they use to search for dental practices and then uses these keywords to build informative quality content. That lets Google or any other search engine know that your web pages are a match for the search query. SEO for dentists by Real Time Marketing is the best search engine optimization for your dental clinic.

How Does SEO for Dental Practitioners Work?

Here is an overview of how the process works when you contact us to develop a customized plan tailored to your target market and your dentistry practice.

SEO Goals - Dentists

Setting Goals

The process begins by consulting with you to get an overview of your dental target market, local area, and the goals you hope to achieve through your SEO dental marketing campaign. We want to know what makes you unique and stand out from your local competitors. This gives us a road map and goals that drive the rest of the plan development and ongoing marketing efforts.

SEO - Research and Analysis - Dentists

Research and Competitor Analysis

Once we understand what you would like to achieve with the SEO program, it is then time for us to take over and research the strategies that your competitors are using. We also analyze the keywords and phrases your local patients use to look for dental office like yours. We look at what is working for others and what is not. During this step of the process, we develop ways to improve and help your dental practice climb to the top of the search ranks for the most-searched keywords and phrases.

SEO Strategy and Planning - Dentists

Strategic Planning

After we have gathered all the necessary information is when the SEO planning process begins. We develop a plan that uses the strategic placement of the best keywords and phrases in the content that is designed to allow you to be seen by your dental target market. It is designed to build trust and make them take action and contact you.

SEO Implementation - Dentists


Once the planning is complete, it is time to implement the plan. The best part is that your digital marketing is no longer something you have to worry about. It is on us, and all you have to worry about is providing the reliable dentistry services that you are known for as well as that much-needed support for your patients.

SEO Tracking and Reporting - Dentists

Tracking and Reporting

The only good plan is measurable and trackable. Our goal is to achieve measurable results, and we employ the latest state-of-the-art SEO tracking methods to see how well your plan is working. This allows us to make any changes along the way that would achieve even greater results.

SEO Continual Campaign Improvement - Dental

Continual Improvement

Growing your business and climbing in the search engine results takes time and consistency. Changes in the marketplace and local competitive landscape can affect how well the plan works over the long term. That is why we monitor the results and provide you with SEO reports so you can see the progress. The strategy that we develop is dynamic and adjustable enough to the changing market conditions in the future.

Best Reasons to Use SEO Strategies for your Dental Office

Among the best reasons to use Real Time Marketing SEO strategies is that 88% of all people in a recent survey said they use the Internet to find products and services in their area. In addition, nearly 50% of all local mobile searches were looking for business addresses. The business address was found to be the most important piece of information for these users.

There are 81.1 billion searches for businesses every year that include dental practices just like yours. Approximately 58% of all people said they search for local businesses on their smartphones every day. Having a website that converts and having a strategy that will put you in front of the faces of people who are looking for your dental practice is one of the best uses of your advertising dollars.

What We Do

  • In-depth Keyword Research

  • Blog Publishing

  • Link Building

  • Reporting

  • Monthly Updates and Status Meetings

What You Can Expect From Our Services

Entrust your SEO strategy to experts who have been a driving force in the digital marketing scene since 2008. We understand what it takes to take your brand to the next level and get you on the first page of Google or any other search engine. At Real Time Marketing, we will make sure that your website will:

Be accessible for search engines to read your website

Consist of the necessary keywords

Offer fast load speeds

Feature a schema markup that will stand out in SERPs

Have useful content that meets the needs of your audience

Provide a great user experience

Use attractive titles, simple URLs, and accurate descriptions to draw high clickthrough rates

Unparalleled Customer Support

Get Exceptional Customer Experience with Real Time Marketing

When you become a Real Time Marketing client, you automatically acquire not just a dedicated account manager but a team of digital marketing experts and customer service specialists committed to bringing each their individual expertise to the realization of your campaign and business goals.

We have built an excellent customer support ticket system and superbly helpful dedicated customer support team based on your needs with your dedicated account manager as your main point of contact.

You may submit support tickets 24/7 and expect a response time within 24 hours. Your customer is here for you to address whatever issues that may arise. However, Real Time Marketing is proactive in taking care of your campaigns that’s why immediately after onboarding, your monthly check-in meetings are set up based on your preferred schedule. During onboarding, your goals and expectations are being set, as well as responsibilities on your side to ensure the success of your campaigns.

Your dedicated account will know your pains and aspirations, and will be your main contact as Real Time Marketing bridges the gap between your current situation to your goals through a sound strategy and proper execution.

Dedicated Account Manager

Monthly Check-in Meetings

24/7 Support Ticket System

Onboarding Process

Support from Digital Marketing Experts

24-hour Response Time

Why Real Time Marketing Are the Experts in SEO for Dentists


One of the advantages of contacting Real Time Marketing for your SEO needs is that we specialize in only a select number of industries. This means we are familiar with the keywords and strategies that work best for promoting those in these industries. We understand the terminology and style of content that works best to turn browsers into patients.

If you are ready to take your dental practice to the next level, then it is time to contact Real Time Marketing. Let’s get started on building your customized plan that targets your local area.

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Let Real Time Marketing be your company’s ally in being on top of SERPs for roofers, and in the process, your industry. Make a mark in the online world as soon as possible by reaching out to our team. Call us today or fill out our form to book your appointment with the reliable SEO experts of Real Time Marketing and experience a World Wide Web of difference in real-time!

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