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Times have changed. Your leads want a fast response and they want to communicate in the easiest means possible.  Chat bots used to be cool and hip but for certain industries like home services, most people want to be able to ask direct questions with direct answers from a human.  Bots are starting to annoy users and most prefer “live chat” using text messaging on their cell phone.   Our live chat is seamlessly integrated to allow you to respond to the chat request by mobile app and the user to initiate live chat from their cell phone by way of text messaging.  How does that work?


A lead lands on your website.

Live Chat Widget prompts them to chat.

Your lead chooses live chat or text us with your phone option.


The lead fills out their name, cell phone and message field.

Upon hitting submit your team who has the mobile app downloaded, will receive a push notification on their cell phone asking them to respond to the live chat.


If your lead chose message with cell phone..

They would have received an initial text message stating your rep will be in touch shortly.

Once your team member responds they will receive the message by way of text on their cell phone.


You may have several team members down the mobile app.

Once a team member responds they will be assigned to that live chat thread.


Any live chats with a delayed response (set by you) will prompt a mobile app and text message notification to go out to all team members you select further notifying of a delayed inquiry.


At the end of the chat conversation the lead will optionally be asked to leave a satisfaction rating and optional feedback message.

Upon receiving positive feedback you may also request them to leave you a review.

Why is it important to route Live Chat from the Website to the Users Cell Phone for texting?

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    If a user closes a browser window for live chat then the chat session is gone. 

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    Users waiting on a live chat in a browser window are far less patient to wait for a response because they have to monitor the browser window. 

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    Text messaging is the most comfortable and preferred means of communication aside from a phone call.  

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    The text messaging app is the most commonly used app on any smartphone. 

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    US smartphone users send and receive five times more texts than they make and receive phone calls

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    68% of consumers said they text more than they talk on their smartphones

Let’s keep this simple.  Your leads land  on your website and will call you if they want to.  If someone prefers to chat by way of typing you a message then they prefer to text on their cell phone.  So the answer is clear, why not route live chat messaging to their cell phone, your staff responds by way of the mobile app and everyone is happy :). 

Features YOU Will LOVE

The largest issue with supporting live chat is the need to have someone sitting in front of a computer and ready to pounce on a live chat response.  Most of you do NOT have an employee in a dedicated live chat support position who can stare at a computer monitor waiting for a live chat to happen. 

As a result, live chats go unresponded, the user ends up leaving the chat session and the entire live chat option of communication becomes more of a problem than a solution.  To solve the immediate response and dedicated staff issue we have developed our mobile app to easily allow you to manage your live chat needs easily.

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  • Anyone you want to be able to respond to live chat will download the  mobile app on their phone.

  • Employees can even  use their personal cell phone because it is only the mobile app they will use.

  • Data on the mobile app can be removed and the mobile app deactivated by you remotely from employees phones.

  • When a live chat comes through you can have the app simultaneously alert everyone at the same time or who is available.

  • Alternatively live chats can be re-assigned to anyone else who has downloaded the app in your company.  

  • Alerts will go out to you when a live chat has not been responded to within a reasonable time frame .

  • All conversations are recorded in the dashboard for quality control.

  • Real Time Chat allows you to organize and tag leads and customers, as well as assign messages you want to send to them. 

  • Poll for a satisfaction rating at the end of the chat and even ask for a formal review on Google or Facebook.


Real Time Chat comes at a fraction of the cost of most competitors.  We focus on the features you need the most and make sure we do those things better than anyone else.  Why pay for chat platforms with more overwhelming features than you ever wanted to read about when you do not need them. Are you in need artificial intelligence to speak for your staff?  Needing bots to respond to messages because you think leads don’t want to message with real humans?  If so then you might want to pay much more to get those “advanced automation features” elsewhere. 

If you are looking for a live chat platform for humans to use and utilize the basics you need better than the rest, then look no further.  Welcome to your affordable and amazing new chat platform!



Starting at $79 monthly, Real Time Chat is the live chat software that more than understands you. It is your partner to greater success starting with faster and seamless communication with every lead that matters. Reach out to our team today to learn more about RTC and the other ways we can help you grow your business through Real Time Marketing. Contact us and find out the difference in meeting your client’s needs in real-time.

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