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When customers have questions, they want answers fast. One of the most important things you can do to build your plumbing business is to provide customers with a way to reach you and receive quick answers to their questions. Real Time Chat is a solution that allows you to offer your customers responsive chat solutions using their mobile phones. Let's see how Real Time Chat solutions can help you grow your plumbing business.

How Real Time Chat Works for Plumbers

When your customers want answers, they want to speak with a live human and not a robot. The data is clear. Customers prefer phone or chat support over email or social channels. A recent survey found that 29% of customers were frustrated by systems that give them impersonal responses or ones that are scripted and do not meet their needs. Real Time Chat gives you a way to provide responsive customer service that allows your customers to use their favorite device, their mobile phone.

Real Time Chat allows you to route questions to multiple support agents at the same time. How it works is that visitors are prompted to engage with your support system using a live chat popup on your website. This is similar to ones you have seen in many places across the web.


What Real Time Chat Can Do for You

Customer support issues are one of the main reasons why customers may leave a bad review, leave your service, or find someone else the next time they have a plumbing problem. Providing responsive, fast support is essential for growing your business and getting that valuable word-of-mouth recommendation and advertising.

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Our system is different. Rather than taking each inquiry in order, this system routes the chat to multiple agents and gives it to the first one to respond. This means no more missed chat sessions and faster response times. If no one picks up the chat promptly, the system will send a notification letting you and your staff know that there is an urgent chat waiting to be answered.

This system uses a text message to mobile app technology that has many benefits over traditional pc-based chat technology. The first benefit is that it allows your customers to receive responses anywhere they are and not only when they are at home or the office. The second benefit is that your visitor does not have to keep a browser window open while they wait for a live chat response.

They can interact with your support staff and keep working. This allows them to put their phone down, and know they will be notified via text when a response comes in. Mobile phones are the most popular way to interact with websites and with others. Aside from phone calls with a live customer service agent, live chat via mobile phone is one of the most popular ways to get answers to their questions.

Another advantage is that the customer can have the entire conversation saved via a text message so they can refer back to it as often as they wish. Providing excellent customer support is one of the most important steps you can take for building your plumbing business. The support you offer has a direct impact on whether your customer will come back or whether they will try your competition the next time.

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How Does Real Time Chat Work?

Installing and managing Real Time Chat is easy:

  • Install the app
  • Add customer support staff
  • Manage permissions
  • Start receiving chat messages

What Real Time Chat Can Do

From an administrative standpoint, Real Time Chat makes managing the system easy. You can:

  • Create logins for multiple staff members.

  • Control access levels and permissions.

  • Receive alerts when staff does not respond in a timely manner.

  • Remotely remove app from staff member phones.

  • Set the system to receive push notifications for new messages.

  • Receive performance and customer satisfaction tracking.

  • Manage the app from an easy-to-use dashboard.


Why Real Time Chat Is Better than Support Bots

Support bots might sound like an efficient solution to resolving your customer’s problems, but they can feel impersonal. Many times, the customer has a problem or question that cannot be answered by a standard response.

  • A survey by Zendesk found that customer satisfaction ratings were highest for phone support at 91% and second-highest for chat support at 85%. Email and social media support ranked below the responsiveness of solutions that give customers direct, immediate responses.

  • Perhaps the most important finding is that 51% of customers said they were more likely to stay with a company that offers live chat solutions for support.

  • Up to 95% percent of customers said they value the quality of support they receive over speed. The best part about Real Time Chat is that you can provide your customers with both a quality experience and a quick response. This is especially important if your plumbing service offers 24/7 emergency service.

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Real Time Marketing offers software solutions to help plumbing services respond to their customer needs more efficiently and quickly. Chat via text offers many advantages over traditional chat systems. One of the best parts about this solution is that it is perfect for all sizes of businesses. It is scalable, which means that it can expand as your business grows. You have many reasons to consider adding Real Time Chat to your business. Contact our professionals, and we will be happy to help you get started in providing your customers with excellent customer service and response.

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