Google Business Profile Management for Roofers

Google Business Profile / GBP Management to Give Your Roofing Business a Boost

Google Business Profile Management - Roofers

GBP for Roofers: We'll get your GBP or Google Business Profile Management Covered

Google My Business has been renamed to Google Business Profile. You know that you depend on local clientele to make your roofing business a success. Perhaps you already have a free listing on Google Business Profile. The problem is that you cannot manage it and make the most of it unless it has been claimed. Real Time Marketing offers services to help you optimize and manage your Google Business Profile profile so that you can connect with customers, build trust, and get your calendar filled.

A Bird's Eye view at Google Business Profile for Roofers

Anyone can have a free Google business profile. You do not even have to be the owner of the business or an employee to put up a profile. Anyone who happens to know about your business can create a business profile for you. Sometimes, your Google business profile is auto-generated by Google. The problem is that you have no way to manage it other than to respond to reviews.

Google uses information from across various sites on the web to get the basic contact information, address, and facts about your business. The problem is that sometimes these are incorrect. The worst thing you want is someone calling an incorrect phone number or contacting an invalid email address. A Google Business Profile (GBP) or a Google Business Profile account lets you manage your profile and optimize it so that you can provide correct information, interact with your potential customers, and present your best face to the public looking for local roofing businesses.

Benefit from Google Business Profile for Roofers Courtesy of Our Experts

The biggest advantage is that Google Business Profile allows you to create a business profile that stands out online and encourages your customers to explore your services further. You can use it to drive traffic to your website and tell customers about any special promos or seasonal specials that you have to offer.

When you have claimed and gained management access to your Google Business Profile, you can unlock features to promote your business. The most important thing is that you can take control of it and actively manage it to build your business. You can use SEO and keyword optimization to make sure that you appear in front of those who are looking for your services, and you can let them know why they should choose you over your competition.

Having an expert on your side who knows the business and can help you get the most out of your account is the best way to drive your business. We understand the mechanics of search engine marketing, local search engine optimization, and how to maintain your ranking position on the search results.

Another advantage to Google Business Profile is that you can make regular posts and keep your potential clients up to date about important topics related to your business. This allows you to create customer contact points and stay fresh in their minds. It gives you another way to enhance your customer relationship management to drive your business.

Google Business Profile Management - Roofers

Make Your Google Business Profile Stand Out

With Google Business Profile management, you can optimize your profile to make sure you appear high on the search pages. When customers look for your business, you want to be one of the first ones they see and not your competition. Real Time Marketing can help you achieve this with keyword research and optimizing your profile for the Google business profile algorithm.

Benefits of GMB - Analytical Insights

Provide Insights

Another advantage of Google Business Profile is that it provides analytics that lets you know what your customers are searching for and how well your marketing efforts are working. This allows you to make adjustments and continue to grow your HVAC business.

Benefits of GMB - Business Profile SEO

Customer Interaction

Another way Google Business Profile can help is that it allows you to make regular posts, similar to social media platforms. This gives you a way to build relationships and interact with people in your local area. You can let them know about upcoming maintenance they need to do or about any specials that you currently have running. It gives you another contact point for managing customer relationships.

How Does Real Time Marketing Google Business Profile Management Process Work?

We have a tried-and-tested process for helping you achieve the results that you want from your Google Business Profile account. Here is what you can expect when you contact us to begin growing your roofing business:

GMB Goals - HVAC

Set Goals

The first thing we do is listen to you and get to know what you want to do with your business. We want to know what makes you unique. We want to know who your customers are, and why they should choose you over your competition.

GMB Research and Analysis - HVAC

Conduct Thorough Research

The next step is to research the keywords that your customers use to look for businesses like yours on the web. We also explore your competition’s strategy to see how we can improve upon it and make your listing better.

GMB Strategy and Planning - HVAC

Planning and Strategy

We take this information and develop a plan that will help you reach your goals more quickly. The planning process uses information gathered about your business and your competitive environment within the community.

GMB Implementation - HVAC

Putting It into Action

Once the plan has been developed, our team gets to work and puts it into action. At this point, you do not have to do anything but prepare to exceed your customers’ expectations for your roofing services. This allows you to focus on what you do best and know that the advertising is taken care of.

GMB Tracking and Reportng - HVAC

Performance Measurement

Next, we measure the performance of our plan and see if it needs any adjustments. We will adjust the plan as much as needed until it gets the result you desire. The focus is on helping you meet your goals as quickly as possible.

GMB Campaign Improvement - HVAC

Ongoing Improvement

Once you have achieved your position at the top of the business profile ranks for your area, we continually monitor and make improvements to make your results even better.

Here is what we include in our Google Business Profile / GBP management services:

GMB Things we Do - HVAC
  • Keyword Research
  • NAP and Profile Optimization
  • Google Business Posts or Stories
  • Offers, Promos, Discounts
  • Product Uploads
  • Optimized Photo Uploads
  • Performance Measurement and Reporting

Here Are a Few Statistics About Google Business Profile

  • At least 49% of businesses receive over 1,000 searches per month on Google Business Profile
  • Nearly 90% of customers said they read reviews before making a purchase.
  • About 84% of all customers said the rating was one of the most important factors in whether they would contact the business or go to the next one on the list.

Real Time Marketing Gets GBP Google Business Profile Results for Roofers

As you can see, it is important to be able to actively manage your Google Business Profile. Your rating and reviews count the most toward whether a potential customer will contact you or not. Contact Real Time Marketing for GBP Google Business Profile management that gets results and helps you build trust among your local community. GBP can help you make the most out of your online business profile and build your roofing business.



Give Real Time Marketing a call today, so we can get started on developing your very own Google Business Profile optimization strategy right away. Our friendly team looks forward to hearing all about your company and your brand. Rest assured that we will be working with you every step of the way in boosting your local online presence, so schedule an appointment today!

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