Google Business Profile Management For Dentists

Optimizing Google My Business for Dentists

Whether you are in a general dental practice or a specialty, you know the importance of gaining trust among those seeking your services in your local community. The best advertising that you can get is by word of mouth. You also know that one negative review can be devastating for your practice. If you have a standard Google Business Profile, you are probably getting some reviews, but the problem is that you have no way to respond to them or manage them. With a Google My Business account, you can manage reviews, optimize your profile, and have regular contact with your customers. Let's see how it works.


Why Optimize Your Dental Practice’s Google My Business Profile for Dentists?

The problem with a standard Google Business Profile is that anyone can put it up and start writing about you. Sometimes, these profiles contain wrong information, like incorrect phone numbers, business locations, or websites. This incorrect information can make you look unprofessional and make your potential customers have doubts.

A Google My Business profile lets you manage your Google Business Profile and present your best side to the public. You can make regular GMB posts to tell them about different procedures that you offer or to give them tips. The profile can be optimized using the keywords that people use when they are looking for dental services in your area. This means that you will appear at the top of the profile listings and be one of the first to be found. You can actively respond to reviews and help build a positive online profile to encourage people to contact you and schedule an appointment.

How Google My Business for Dentists Drives Traffic

Optimizing your GMB profile to get the most out of it takes planning, strategy, and knowledge. You need to be spending your time running your dental practice and not worrying about advertising. We know how to optimize your profile so that it will generate visits to your website and increase the number of people who contact you. You have many reasons to consider having a professional optimize your GMB account and start driving business to your website.


How the Real Time Marketing Process Works

We have processes in place to help you get the most from your Google My Business profile. Here is what you can expect when you contact our team of professionals.

Set Goals that Work for You

The first thing we want to do is get to know what you expect from our services. We define the goals and scope of the work to be done and try to get a feel for what makes your business different from others in your area.

Conduct Research

The next thing we do is to research to find the strategy to competition is using, and the keywords people used to search for businesses like yours. We try to find ways that we can improve on what your competition is doing or find a new approach that can help you get ahead in the rankings.


Our team carefully puts all of this information together into a plan that is designed to get you results as quickly as possible. We focus on your strengths and what makes you different from others in your area. We take a personal approach to the plan development and always welcome your feedback.

Taking Action

The next thing to do is to put the plan into place. You have better things to do than to worry about your advertising and bringing in traffic to your business. We take it from here so that all you have to do is focus on providing excellent dental care for your patients.

Measurement and Reporting

We deliver concrete results and that is why we take measurements and report the results. This information can be used to optimize your profile even further and to let us see any changes that need to be made to the plan. We adjust the plan until we get it dialed-in and its performance is perfected to achieve your results.

Monitoring and Improvement

The process does not stop once the profile is optimized, and you have achieved a high ranking for dentists in your local area. We keep abreast of competitor actions, and other things that might affect your ranking. This process is one of continual monitoring and improvement to help you grow your business even more.

What We Do

We make the actual management of your PPC campaign easy. Here is a breakdown of what is included in our managed PPC services:

  • High-search, low-competition Keyword research
  • NAP and profile optimization
  • GMB posts and customer contact
  • Post offers or specials
  • Upload product and service descriptions
  • Upload photos
  • Monitoring and reporting

Statistics Prove GMB and Dental Practice Success

It should be apparent by now that being able to actively manage your Google My Business account is necessary to maintain trust in your dental practice, but what can you expect?

  • About 49% of businesses receive over 1,000 searches per month on Google My Business. It needs to be pointed out that this is not general traffic, but it is local people who are looking for businesses like yours.

  • Almost 90% of customers said they read reviews before contacting a business. For a dental practice, you cannot afford to have a negative review on your profile, even if it was not your fault.

  • Nearly 84% of all customers said the rating of a business was the top factor that makes them find out more or decide to look elsewhere. Building customer trust is especially important for dental practices.


Real Time Marketing Gets Results for Dentists Using GMB Profile Optimization

Customer trust is more important for those with dental practice than for many other businesses. You cannot afford to leave your Google Business Profile to chance. That is why it is a good time to contact Real Time Marketing and take the first step to take control of your Google My Business account.

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