Social Media Marketing For HVAC

Social Media Marketing Services for HVAC Specialists


If you have a company that specializes in the repair, maintenance, or installation of HVAC services, driving local traffic to your website is one of your biggest challenges. We know that you expect your website to create organic traffic to drive customers who need your services, but if you are not using effective social media marketing strategies, then you are missing out on a big portion of your potential clients.

At Real Time Marketing, our team knows social media and understands the HVAC business - we are ready to help you meet your business goals this year.

How Social Media Marketing Impacts HVAC Contractors

We know that the HVAC business is an all-year-round business. Our goal is to deliver relevant information to your customers and get them thinking about your services before the heating or cooling season begins. For instance, it is important to send them reminders to have their heater checked before the winter begins, and the same goes for the summer as it is the cooling unit season. Social media marketing gives you a chance to provide relevant seasonal information to your customers and keep your company fresh in their minds. Our posts serve as timely reminders on how your services can help them keep their HVAC system working smoothly.


Social Media Marketing: Going beyond SEO


Having a website is the most important thing you can do to grow your business, but you also need to get visitors to it so they can find out about your services. Organic search engine traffic is important, but it can only do so much. You need to find a way to reach your customers where they are and entice them to explore your website and reach out to you. Social media marketing is one strategy that you should consider for your marketing mix.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing for your HVAC company

  • Social media has about 3.78 billion users globally, and this number is expected to reach over 4 billion by 2025. This is about 48% of the global population.

  • When potential customers are looking for new products and services, about 54% said they turn to social media first.

  • Another recent study found that 71% were willing to tell others about a positive experience they had with a local business.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing for your HVAC company

Social media is the modern and more impactful Yellow Pages. It is the first place that local customers go to find quality HVAC services. They are talking about their experiences with others, and this is like free advertising.

Real Time Marketing gives you a way to take advantage of this free, local traffic. When others share your business, it is like a vote of confidence in the services that you provide. This gives you social proof of the quality of your services, and that is the best type of marketing that you can get.

  • Brand awareness

  • Expanded audience from social media users

  • Additional website traffic

  • High engagement with your brand

  • Promotion of your products and services


How Social Media Marketing Services Work

At Real Time Marketing, we use a proven strategy to help you boost your social media presence. We develop a plan that is in line with your brand image and that provides information to your customers that is seasonal, relevant, and that presents your HVAC services in a way that is more likely to drive sales. Here is how our acclaimed process works.

Determine Goals and Objectives

We offer services that are tailored to your needs. The first thing that we do is to find out what your goals and objectives are for your social media campaign. Our goal is to understand what you expect to get from our services, so we can devise a strategy that meets your needs.

Market Research

The next phase is research. This is where our team of experts explores the competition and finds ways to improve upon what is working, so you can have a competitive edge. We also research the right keywords that will get your ads and posts in front of people looking for HVAC services like yours.

Planning the Campaign

The next phase of the process is planning. We devise a plan designed to bring the right message to your potential customers at the right time. We tailor your posts and our posting schedule to when your audience is likely to see the message and take action. Proper strategy and planning is the key to a campaign that converts.

Plan Implementation

A majority of the process goes into the planning and research of the campaign. The next step is the easy part. We carry through with the plan and make your posts on time.

What We Do for HVAC Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Services

Our services can be divided into two major components: social media design and social media posting.

  • Social Media Desig

    We help companies that provide both residential and commercial HVAC services. We design a campaign that is in alignment with your branding and the image that you want to convey. We give your company a unique personality and help you connect with your potential customers in a way that is professional and that makes you the obvious choice for their HVAC service needs.

  • Social Media Posting

    We know that you want to spend most of your time providing excellent HVAC services to your clients. You do not have time to schedule and develop social media posts. Once the campaign is set, all you have to do is sit back and be ready to provide excellent services to local customers in your area while we handle the social media.

What Sets Us Apart

One of the things that distinguish us from other companies is that we specialize in only a few industries. This means that we get to know the business inside and out. This gives us a unique vantage point that allows us to deliver the right message at the right time for your residential and commercial HVAC customers. Our management team has over 74 years of experience in social media marketing, and we have a dedicated team of over 40 professionals who are ready to serve your needs.


Ready to Make the Most of Social Media Marketing?

Real Time Marketing is the leading team of social media marketing experts for HVAC specialists. Feel free to contact our team today. Let us get started on achieving your online marketing goals right away!

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