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Tracking metrics is one of the most important components of any campaign, but it is often one of the most neglected. First, there is the challenge of collecting the data, and then, there is the challenge of tying it to the campaign. RealTime Marketing offers call tracking services, which allow you to see which of your phone leads result in conversions, and it can do much more to help you improve your ROI.


What Exactly Is Call Tracking?


Call tracking allows you to gain insights into your overall call-handling efficiency. Our system goes beyond call center software that only tracks which conversations lead to a sale. It gives you deep insight into your caller behavior and a segmented view of various marketing campaigns.

RealTime Marketing call tracking lets you place up to four phone numbers on your website to see which campaign prompted the call. For instance, you could have a separate number for your Google organic search campaign and your Facebook ads campaign. You can also have a separate number for customers to respond to a radio ad or direct mail campaign.

How Does Call Tracking and Analysis Work

The most basic form of call tracking lets you know which of your campaigns are generating leads. The system also records calls, so you can listen to them and find ways to improve your representative interactions to increase sales. The system also lets you view text conversations from your dashboard. RealTime Marketing call tracking gives you access to reports and graphics that show you exactly which campaigns are successful and which ones need fine-tuning.


Call Tracking Is Vital for Your Business

Call tracking gives you the power to develop and execute marketing campaigns with precision. You can use this system to do A/B testing and to find out more about which segment of your target market is the most likely to make a purchase. In the end, this means a more efficient use of your advertising dollars. Tapping into accurate conversion metrics gives you the tools you need to launch a campaign that gets you the results you want.


We Are Experienced In All Aspects of Online Marketing Strategies

RealTime Marketing has over 100 years of combined experience helping businesses like yours get the most from their marketing dollars. We have over 100 employees who specialize in digital marketing. We are a family business and treat you the way we would want to be treated ourselves. Our team provides personal service, and the first thing we do is to listen to you and your call tracking and analysis needs.

FAQs on Call Tracking

Companies that use call tracking and automation average about 16% more sales than those who do not use automation. Automated call tracking provides deep insights into the behavior of your sales force and customers that help you refine your marketing efforts.


Here are a few statistics about call tracking and how it can be used as a tool to help grow your business.


About 30% of all consumers said they feel more comfortable making a major purchase with someone over the phone, as opposed to online or through some other means.


Nearly 37% of all consumers will call you to test the customer service experience before making a purchase.


Almost 98% of customers call the company as part of the purchase journey at some point, making call tracking an important part of the process.


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