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Are your social media accounts lonely and feeling neglected?

Do you lack positive reviews to build your reputation?

Our Real Time Social Platform can make sure your brand is booming on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and even Linkedin.  Social Media can be utilized to generate new leads but also to remain in contact with your existing customer base.  Most local businesses want to keep their social media accounts up to date with what's new, promotions, events, holiday updates and anything else worth publishing about on a regular basis.  This takes time, effort and to be done properly… strategy.  Whether you have a dedicated employee handling your social media or not, our RTS Platform can save you time and improve your social performance.  How?

  • Connect and Centralize Accounts

  • Post Queue Settings

  • Advanced Scheduling Features

  • Publishing Automation

  • Pre-Written Social Media Content

  • Create & Schedule Your Own

  • Multi User Role Management

  • Automatically Broadcast Positive Reviews

Connect Your Social Media Accounts

With a few clicks, you can connect your social media accounts to the RTS dashboard for complete account centralization.  Now you do not have to log into multiple accounts to publish content or worry about how you would share your login details with any other users.  Just connect your accounts once and our platform will centralize all of your post scheduling, allow you to create new posts from one place, and share dashboard access with other users.


Post Queue Settings

For each social media account, you can set up a post queue.  Your queue establishes what days and what times you want to publish for each social media account.  For example, you can choose to publish posts Monday through Friday.  You can also choose how many times per day you want to post and choose the time of day to post as well.  By establishing a publishing queue for each social media account, you will save yourself time in the future when scheduling or enabling complete publishing automation. 

Advanced Scheduling Features

Scheduling social media posts can be time-consuming and difficult without the right tools.  The RTS platform allows you to schedule posts from our library of prewritten social media content with the click of a button.  You can also choose to “publish now”  or manually schedule a post for any future date and time.  We work hard to make sure scheduling is fast and seamless for you across all your social media accounts.  From a birds-eye view, you can see what % scheduled you are for the month, per account type.  Did we mention we can even automate your social media publishing?


Publishing Automation

For hands-free publishing, you can choose to turn on the publishing automation settings.  The RTS Platform will publish automatically to the social media account(s) you choose, at the days / times you choose per week with the pre-written social media content that is customized to your company.  Even businesses with dedicated marketing directors utilize the publishing automation because it saves them valuable time from the daily posting grind and lets them focus on more important tasks

Create & Schedule Your Own

Creating your own posts inside the platform is a breeze.  Now, you can create a post in one place and publish it to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin all at the same time.  Want to schedule your post automatically or add it next in the queue? No problem!  After you create a post you can even have it added to the content library for future use.  Simply type in your message, upload your photo, add your hashtags, and hit submit


Pre-Written Social Media Content

Our content library has thousands of prewritten social media posts with engaging images.  You can search through our library based on industry categories and subcategories.  When you select a post, you can edit the post text and even change the image.  When you are ready to schedule the post from the library all you have to do is select add to queue, schedule manually, or publish now.  Our library has new posts added every month to keep your social media treasure chest full!

Multi User Role Management

Once you connect all your social media accounts, you can grant other users access to the RTS Platform.  No more having  to give your social media access to others.  The platform even offers role-based access.  You can choose to allow a user to view only or  publish posts.  You may also choose what accounts the user can view or manage.  Coming soon, we will allow you to choose if you want to personally approve a post before a user is able to publish it.


Automatically Broadcast Positive Reviews

Don’t you love it when you receive a positive review on Google or Facebook?  Why not tell the world? Well… your social media world :).  With a few clicks, you can automatically publish positive reviews as a social media post.  The RTS Platform will format the review in an attractive post layout and immediately publish it to your social media account(s) of choice.  Now that's a cool little feature!


Schedule a demo and see what all the fuss is about!  We are happy to show you all the features and benefits of the Real Time Social Platform in a live screen-sharing meeting.  Bring your most difficult questions because we love a challenge!  If you twist our arm, we may even offer you a free trial and some complimentary donuts :).


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