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You probably already know the value of word-of-mouth advertising for your HVAC business. If someone recommends your business, it is the best free advertising that you can get. The same can be said for online reviews and your online reputation. Real Time Reviews is a software solution that can help you keep track of your reviews online and respond to them, but it can do much more to help you grow your business.

Online Reviews for HVAC Services

Before they pick up the phone and call you, 87% of customers will do online research, This includes reading at least ten reviews or more before they decide to visit your website or give you a call. Unfortunately, people are quick to post a negative review than a positive one.

The damage that can be done by one negative review can be difficult to overcome. You have to work hard to gain positive reviews to overcome the opinion of one person. Even if it was not your fault, it can still cause others to have doubts.


Benefits of Real Time Reviews for HVAC Services

It is more important now than ever to actively manage your online reputation. It is difficult to keep track of all of the places people can post reviews. You and your staff do not have time to monitor the web in case someone posts a review about you. That is why Real Time Reviews software solution was developed.

What You Get with Real Time Reviews

Real Time Reviews integrates with our other products, including Real Time Chat and Real Time Social. Here are some of the features you will get with the software:

  • Real Time Review alerts
  • Review management dashboard
  • Bulk and single review requests by text or email
  • Employee-level review tracking and insights
  • Google Local Service Ads review workflow

Real Time Reviews is powerful software that can help you keep track of reviews on social media, Google, and service aggregator sites. You can help improve your star ratings and continually add a review, so they are relevant.


The Power of Review Management Software for HVAC Services

  • Real Time Reviews was built to help make managing your online reputation easier. We know that when customers in your area are looking for service providers, nearly 82% will go to their family and friends first to ask for recommendations and advice. The power of other people’s opinions about you will have a greater impact than any advertising campaign. You want to make sure this is working for you and not against you.

  • The customer needs to hear your company claims between three to five times before they will believe them. The power of reviews is that 70% of all people say they would trust an online review from a perfect stranger the first time. Now you can see the power of managing or online reviews to build your business.

  • On average, customers need to view 40 online reviews before they will consider your four or five-star rating to be valid. They also place more trust in non-paid versus paid reviews. Today's audience does not want you to tell them how good you are, but they want to see what other people have to say about you first. They will place more trust in a review that has a few complaints but that is mostly positive, and they might not trust one that is too sparkly.

Experience Real Time Marketing Reputation Management Software for HVAC Businesses


Now you know why managing your online reputation is so important. Having the right insights and software to bring it all together lets you see an overall picture of what your customers think. This allows you to be proactive in overcoming any challenges and allows you to build on your strengths. Real Time Reviews makes the process easy and saves you and your staff time and money. Contact us today and we will help you take control of your online reputation. Real Time Marketing is here to let people see the expert services that they can expect from your team.

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