Real Time Reviews for Roofers

Real Time Reviews for Roofers

Real Time Reviews for Roofers

Managing your online reputation is the most important thing you can do for your roofing business. It is also time-consuming and can easily slip to the bottom of the list. This is especially true during summer when you are busy. Your online reputation can make or break your summer calendar. Fortunately, Real Time Marketing has solutions that can make keeping track of and responding to reviews easy.

Online Reputation and Your Roofing Business

You know that word of mouth is the best advertising you can have. When you are doing a roofing job, you put your sign out to let people see the work. You know that people are watching, so you want to do your best in hopes that they might recommend you if they or someone else they know needs their roof repaired or replaced.

Someone might drive by and see your sign while you are doing a roofing job, but before they call you, they will probably go online and read a few reviews. Nearly 87% of your roofing customers will begin their search online and read as many reviews as possible. Most people read at least ten reviews before deciding to contact you, but if it is something expensive like a roof, they will probably read many more than that.


How Real Time Reviews Can Help Your Roofing Business Grow


Real Time Reviews can help your business grow by searching the web and collecting any reviews that it finds about your business. You can view them all on a single dashboard and respond to them in bulk or you can write a well-written single response. The best part is that it gives you control over managing your online reputation.

People trust online reviews more than they trust anything you can tell them about your business. They often seek out the advice of friends and family before making a major decision, such as a roof repair or replacement. They tend to trust non-paid ads over paid ones, and they like to see more recent reviews and active customer engagement with your company. Real Time Reviews can help roofers build an online presence that will inspire confidence.

How Does Real Time Reviews Work?

Real Time Reviews searches the Internet for online reviews that have been posted about your company. It collects all of them and presents them to you in a dashboard that is easy to manage and easy to understand. It helps you respond to the reviews appropriately, but it can do much more than that.

It generates reports that let you see what people are saying about your company. You can spot trends, such as things that are working for you that you can build on. You can also spot challenges that you may have and may not be aware of yet. You can see which employees are generating the most positive reviews, and you can see potential problem areas.


What You Get with Real Time Reviews


Real Time Reviews can stand alone, or integrate with our other products that include Real Time Chat and Real Time Social. Here are some of the features that you can expect with this software.

  • Real Time Review alerts
  • Review management dashboard
  • Bulk and single review requests by text or email
  • Employee-level review tracking and insights
  • Google Local Service Ads review workflow

Powerful Reputation Management Software for Roofers

Real Time Reviews was created to help make managing the reputation of any roofing business easier.

  • Nearly 82% of your customers will have asked for advice and recommendations from friends and family before they contact you or even visit your website.

  • The claims you make about your services are not nearly as powerful as the reviews other people leave about them. They must hear your claims at least three to five times before they will believe them, but 70% said they would believe an online review from a stranger the first time they hear it.

This only illustrates the importance of the opinions of others and reviews on building work roofing business. Customers are savvy and they do their share of research before they hire a company.


Experience the Real Time Marketing Edge for Roofers


Today's customers are savvy, and they want to make sure that the company they hire has a solid reputation. Real Time Reviews gives you the ability to take control of your online reputation instead of just hoping someone will say something good about you and that someone will see it. You can transform reviews into an active reputation campaign that can help drive your roofing business. Contact us so we can help you get started actively managing your online reputation.

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