Gain a more in-depth look into how your website is giving the results you need through our Keyword Ranking Dashboard here at Real Time Marketing. Tracking keywords allows you to see exactly if and how much your website and content are both performing in search engine result pages. Our goal is to provide you with a better understanding of your website's visibility as well as see exactly where you can focus on your search optimization strategies.

Our Keyword Tracking Dashboard allows you to track the progress of your keyword rankings broken down into service categories and locations. Additionally, you will also see your rankings on Google Desktop, Google Mobile, Google Maps, as well as Bing Desktop and Bing Mobile.

This is because search engine results for your keywords vary based on location and whether the search is done on a desktop computer or a mobile device. Google Maps is also a different segment in the search engine results  — and we allow you to see all of these in your Keyword Ranking dashboard… and more!


Keywords are among the most vital aspects of every SEO campaign, thus making keyword rankings among the keys to having greater insight into how your website and content are performing in search engine result pages. It will also allow you to check into your website’s visibility while helping you determine the most effective search optimization strategies you can deploy. The goal of Keyword Tracking is to find opportunities for keyword optimization and to enhance your website’s presence on search engines.

Knowing your keyword ranking should inform you where you can take actionable steps to improve site traffic, which should ultimately maximize your website’s overall performance, as this has been proven to be essential for any online business. Additionally, having access to keyword tracking data will put you in a much better position than the majority of your competitors that are not employing keyword tracking or are just focusing on the wrong keywords and metrics.

Create keyword categories based on your services

Add your business locations

Keyword rankings are broken down by location, categories, Google desktop, mobile, and maps, as well as Bing desktop and mobile.

With Real Time Marketing’s Keyword Tracking Dashboard, you can better track your site’s keyword performance, along with its progress over time on Google desktop, mobile, and maps, as well as on Bing desktop, and mobile. That means you can now keep focusing on the right keywords that will bring you traffic while also identifying the keywords that have the potential of enhancing your presence online.



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