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Contact forms on your website serve an important role in your online marketing efforts, as these are one of the top mechanisms (along with phone calls) that capture your potential customers’ direct responses. Contact form submissions can also help you identify how successful your marketing campaigns are.

At Real Time Marketing, our Contact Form Tracking allows you to have a central place to store all of the contact form submissions sent through your website. Our system allows you to create multiple contact forms for your website, configure submission notifications, and other customizations with ease. You can easily export your contact form submissions into a csv file. It also has a machine learning spam filter!


Building stronger relationships with your target audience is much more possible with a website contact form. This allows visitors to reach you in a more convenient way, whether they have a question or in need to make an appointment. Regardless of their reason, contact forms allow you to take the necessary steps immediately, especially if you provide a prompt response on your end.

Tracking your contact forms also gives you greater insight into how receptive your website visitors are. You can further gauge their interest through the data that they will be providing you, depending on how detailed your contact forms are. This also helps in your lead generation efforts, as you are collecting information. 

Contact forms also allow you to eliminate any unwanted messages when you leave your email address. In addition, you are ensuring the convenience of your potential and existing clients in trying to reach you. This is all the more evident when you take into account that you are available round the clock when there is a contact form on your site.

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The contact form can be easily configured and installed on your website.

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