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GMB Management

Help potential customers have an easier time finding you online by relying on the experts at Real Time Marketing. We offer you a greater competitive edge while staying true to the goals and standards of your business. We do this by helping you make the most of Google My Business and the many ways it can work to your advantage. 

Keyword Ranking

Gain a more in-depth look into how your website is giving the results you need through our Keyword Ranking Dashboard here at Real Time Marketing. Tracking keywords allows you to see exactly if and how much your website and content are both performing in search engine result pages. Our goal is to provide you with a better understanding of your website's visibility as well as see exactly where you can focus on your search optimization strategies.

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Contact Form Tracking

Contact forms on your website serve an important role in your online marketing efforts, as these are one of the top mechanisms (along with phone calls) that capture your potential customers’ direct responses. Contact form submissions can also help you identify how successful your marketing campaigns are.

Call Tracking

Real Time Marketing gives you the added advantage of having access to the essential tools that allow instant interaction with your potential customers and provide greater insights about your conversions. Call tracking allows you to see the calling behavior of your potential clients as well as a segmented view of the results of your marketing campaigns.

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