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Advanced Local Service Ads Management

Digital Marketing for HVAC - Real Time Marketing

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Only pay for Leads in YOUR Service AREA!

Only pay for Leads looking for the services YOU CHOOSE to market!

Any other phone call other than the above… YOU DO NOT PAY.

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Do the Google Guaranteed Local Services Ads Work for HVAC Contractors to Get More Customers?

An HVAC contractor like you can now be found at the very top of Google search results for queries like “AC repair” and “Heating repair near me” with Google Guaranteed Local Services ads for HVAC companies. Now you can get phone calls immediately with customers that are ready to book. This will totally increase leads and sales for your HVAC company.

Homeowners turn to Google to find a local HVAC company to keep their home and family safe.

More Leads and Customers for your Home Service Business

Gain Instant Trust

The Google Guaranteed local services ads program is designed to give homeowners the top choices in the search results with extreme confidence by ensuring that your business is verified, underwent background checks, and that  you can provide a product or service, and operate with professionalism and integrity.

And because you have Google’s Badge of Trust, expect more phone calls, leads, and customers coming your way.

Real Time Marketing is composed of digital marketing leaders who have been part of the humble beginnings, steady growth, and great success of many clients, including those in the HVAC industry. We are ready to work with your heating and cooling experts in making sure that they get that much-needed boost and be found online more often. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of the digital marketing frontier. We will be sure to address your online strategy needs so you can have that online visibility that your business deserves. Allow our specialists to do what we do best while you focus on what matters most to you and your clients: addressing their HVAC needs.

We will employ the best strategies and tactics that will surely enhance awareness on all the top search engines. We check on leads and reviews to increase conversions. Rely on our comprehensive range of services and benefit from tangible results that lead to a stellar online presence. If you are looking for digital marketing for an HVAC company, Real Time marketing is the answer.

What is

Google Guarantee?

The hottest home services ad service newly offered by Google. Be highlighted as a guaranteed and trusted company after passing screening and qualification.

When people search for HVAC services in Google... you'll show up at the top and pay only $30 per guaranteed phone call. 


Get the green badge of trust

Make your business more visible

Achieve the highest possible Google ranking

Pay per phone call from a new customer

Get Google to back your business

How much does Google charge for Local Services Ads?

With Google Local Services Ads, you only pay for leads who inquired about the services you offer.

We manage your budget that limits the leads you receive based on your capacity in any given week.

The number of leads you will get each day may vary, but you will never spend more than your weekly budget allotment.

We listen to all phone calls and dispute leads that are not in your service area or who are not looking for the service categories you stated... so you never pay for leads that are not qualified.


How does Google charge for Google Local Services Leads?

Advertising with Google Local Services Ads are charged for each valid lead received.

What's a Valid Lead?

Valid leads are people who called regarding the services you offer, and can occur in the following situations when customers find your Google Local Services ad:

You answer a phone call and speak with a customer or receive a message about a service/job type that you provide in the geographic market you are targeting during your available business hours and the call lasts longer that 30 secconds.

You missed a call from a potential customer and then return the call.


Advanced LSA Management

The Best State-of-the-art Reporting in the Industry


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Real Time Marketing not only advocated for us and helped us regain control of our LSA account and private business details. But they also were ready and supportive when we decided to move forward with management. Within less than a month of management, our call volume had drastically increased and we have received more calls during this time compared to the entire Compared to the entire time the previous company had managed it. They are absolutely awesome and we highly recommended their

Erik Carrasco, Ram Plumbing

Having Real Time Marketing manage our LSA campaign has been the best decision we’ve made. As a business owner, it is tremendously helpful to be able to trust RTM to listen to our calls and provide us with the feedback and guidance to be the best we can be. Their transparency and communication is unmatched.

Brian Wear, Owner Brian Wear Plumbing

Real Time Marketing, all I can is WOW!! Exceeded my expectations in performance and by far, the reporting and management side is unbelievable. I can accurately make business decisions with the information they present me. The LSA management is such a Google game. To not have these folks do it for you would be foolish. Thank you Real Tume for my growth and security.

Barry Berg, Business Owner, $25 Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

Real Time Marketing discovered we were not managing our LSA account properly. We couldn't understand how we were not ranking at the top of Google and getting the calls our competitors were getting. After using their servicees, we are happy and satisfied with the qualityof leads we are receiving. now, we know it's aboiut management optimization - and let me tell you Real time Marketing re the industry leaders!

Alex Martz, CEO of A.M. Plumbing & Rooter


Real Time Marketing has been great for me! They are totally helping me take control of my company with reviews and bringing in new high-end customers. I would recommend Real Time Marketing to anyone who is serious about growing their business.

Mike Toninin, Owner of MT Plumbing


Advanced LSA Management


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Call Quality Auditing
We listen to all phone calls and provide feedback on customer service, conversion rates and audit for problems.

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Transparent Pricing
You know exactly what you pay for your leads, and you pay Google directly. You pay us separately for the management fee. Simple.

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Advanced Lead Data
We manually break down leads if qualified or not, the service being sought, if they were booked or not, and the top reasons if not booked.

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Review Platform
We have a custom developed review platform to help generate specific Google Local Services Reviews. This is vital!

no contracts 1

No Contracts
Optionally, you can go month-to-month with our lead management service.

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Superior Account Management
You get a dedicated account manager who will check in with your performance and progress at least monthly and manage your leads for you 100%. You focus on your company, we handle the rest 🙂

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