What Does Google Guaranteed Really Mean?

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Google recently rolled out a new program to help local businesses gain the confidence of customers. The Google Guaranteed program allows you to earn a badge of trust that you can put on your website to let customers know they can count on you. Not every website, however, qualifies for the program. You must meet certain requirements for eligibility.

What Is Google Guaranteed?

The Google Guaranteed program is available to businesses advertising through Local Service Ads (LSA), as an extra assurance to customers who find you through the ads. To earn this badge, Google requires businesses to be pre-screened and demonstrate their ability to meet strict requirements. If you qualify, Google will reimburse up to a certain amount of money if the customer is not satisfied with your services. The one restriction is that the customer must book services through Google Local Services and not through another phone number or from an affiliate.

How Do You Become Certified?

To become Google certified, you must first be a part of their Local Services Ads program. Google will check your insurance, online reviews, and business license status to verify that you offer quality services. They will also run a background check on your employees at no cost to you. Once your business passes these screening processes, you will receive the right to display the badge on your website. Google has limitations to coverage, but it is an important step in letting your customers know you can be trusted. This can make you more attractive than your local competition.

The Google Guaranteed program is an important lead generation tool and allows your business to be showcased. You can display the green checkmark on your website that lets customers know they have Google’s guarantee for your products and services.

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