The Biggest Benefits of RealTime Reviews

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Aside from your website, reviews from real people can be one of the best ways to grow your business. Reviews are often an area of marketing that is neglected by many businesses, but this can be a costly mistake. People looking for businesses like yours rely heavily on reviews from those they consider peers to be more important than any other marketing touchpoint.

Build Trust

Perhaps the most important thing reviews do for your business is to help build trust in your brand and the products you offer. Before making a purchase, many customers check reviews first to see what others are saying about you. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely a visitor to your website will turn into a customer.

Boost SEO

Reviews are signals that build trust for your audience, and they can help your SEO ranking. When a customer leaves a review anywhere on the web and uses your company name, it leaves a footprint that leads to your products and services. Brand review shares can boost search rank and drive traffic to your site, and the best part is that they never expire.

Build Customer Expectations

Displaying reviews on your website also makes your content more valuable. Potential customers can get a clear picture of what they can expect when they use your services. Customers who stay on your website and read reviews also increase engagement and improve the time spent on your website. All of these factors increase your search rank and make sure you are seen by potential customers.

The importance of reviews cannot be overstated when it comes to building brand trust and traffic, but you also need to make sure you stay on top of any negative reviews. You should never leave a negative review unanswered, and you should carefully craft your response.

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