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Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter continue to dominate the online landscape. You can be sure that most of your potential customers are on these social media sites, making them a global force. They look up brands via social media to learn more about them. More often than not, they will check your content and gauge your authority in the industry before they begin trusting you. 

Recent studies reveal that 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family. In addition, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. That is why your brand should be present on social media channels when your potential customers try to look you up. Having a strong social presence through a social media management platform can be the boost your business needs today.

However, most of you don’t have the time to post content, let alone consistently produce it. On the other hand, hiring a copywriter and a graphic designer is an expensive option. Fortunately, the solution now comes in the form of Real Time Social, and we aim to push your reputation to greater heights.

Make Your Presence Felt With Real Time Social

Real Time Social provides you with industry-leading social media content. The posts are categorized, professionally written, and designed for your target market. There’s no need to hire additional staff, saving you from overhead costs and other expenses. You get to enjoy more savings without compromising on efficiency and quality, as we offer you our groundbreaking social media management software.

Real Time Social allows you to publish 5 posts daily! That’s 150 posts a month on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts without you lifting a finger. You get to make your presence felt no matter what time your potential customers log on, assuring you of an efficient and effective social media strategy. You gain the widest reach while keeping your budget in check through the most effective social media posting service out there.

Another exciting feature of Real Time Social is that you can post positive reviews from Real Time Reviews to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through your Real Time Social account. That seamless integration is key to helping you stick to your brand’s message no matter the platform you and your audience are. Best of all, you can be sure that RTS will provide you quality done for you social media content that is sure to help you stake your claim as an industry authority.

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DFY industry-leading content

Posts are professionally written and designed for your target market

We publish up to 150 posts a month on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages without you lifting a finger

Publish reviews from RTR

 Stay engaged with your target market daily!

Save time and money

 Never worry about your social media being neglected

Shout your brand out to the world with industry-leading content!

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By not being visible on social media, you’re lacking a significant venue to display your capabilities and authority in the business. Gear up your business for a social media strategy unlike any other with Real Time Social. Check out these friendly prices that belie the long-term benefits our social media management platform can provide:

Don’t miss out on the ‘social’ connection that social media brings to your potential customers! Call us today or fill out our form to reach out to Real Time Marketing and take the next step to make your mark online!

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