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Troubled by the process of gathering reviews?

Do you lack positive reviews to build your reputation?


Building a reputation takes time, effort, and sometimes even a lot of luck. A review or two, no matter how glowing and positive they are, are just a small step towards creating a greater following online. Your reputation will be crucial in not only widening your market but also converting leads into paying customers. The latest statistics show that 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. At the same time, online product reviews about a product can increase its conversion rate by more than 270%. That is why we built Real Time Reviews, the online reputation management & review software that fits your unique needs.

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With Real Time Reviews, you can collect reviews from customers and have them easily posted on Google and Facebook through your Real Time Reviews widget. We help you craft your own standing in your industry through our review generation software. You can benefit from the RTR widget’s efficiency and real-time effectiveness no matter where you are.


At the same time, you are helping your potential customers know how great it is to work with you. The moment they read all the reviews about you and your services on the RTR widget on your website, you are gaining their trust in your business. Positive feedback can strongly influence your leads and there is no better way of showing what you bring to the table than through our reputation management software.

Everything You Need to Know in One Widget

RTR allows you to respond to reviews through your dashboard. In the dashboard, you can track who among your employees are getting the most reviews from customers. Yes, your technicians can collect reviews from customers while the job well-done is still fresh in their minds! You benefit from the ease of use that we provide while having a clearer picture of how your market perceives you. We do not just provide a bird’s eye view; you get the complete picture of your standing among your customers!

Real Time Reviews integrates with Real Time Chat and Real Time Social. You can push reviews from RTC to RTR and publish reviews from RTR to RTS. This integration means you will have everything you need just by choosing Real Time Marketing. That’s a great deal that you will simply not find anywhere else!

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