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Keeping your leads is as tough as getting them. They will always have something in mind, a concern or a question, before they take the plunge and commit to your services. When that happens, it pays to have peace of mind knowing that it will be taken care of on your behalf. Losing your leads is never an option, so be sure to keep them in the loop with a live chat software and online platform that will attend to your potential clients anytime, all the time. 

Keep in mind that industry experts agree that being first and quick matters a lot. In fact, 79% of consumers prefer live chat support because it can ensure responses almost instantaneously. In addition, live chat for your website has the highest consumer satisfaction rate at 92%.

RealTime Chat is the solution that will help you to effectively prevent lost leads and keep them with you. It allows you to engage leads who arrive on your website and initiate a conversation through the chat widget. You can now easily reply and interact with your leads using your RTC dashboard or SMS instantly. You will gain a greater following by simply being there all the time for your leads and in the most convenient way possible. You gain all the best benefits and more from a top live chatbot for your website today.

Being First Matters

Providing quick responses is essential, as your potential customers are always on the go, looking for the fastest response to their biggest concerns. Making a great first impression is akin to reassuring them that you have what it takes to help them solve their problems. Once a lead receives no immediate response, you risk losing their business at that exact moment. The first to respond is the one who usually gets the business and nothing can help you more on this end than RealTime Chat through live chat for your website.

Convenient and Beneficial

RTC makes it easy for you to assign a lead to a technician for further inquiries even if they’re out in the field via SMS chat for website. It also lets you assign and schedule the job in real-time. You get to meet every need you have simultaneously even when you’re away from your desk. That is ease of use that you will not find anywhere else.

In addition, RealTime Chat allows you to organize and tag leads and customers, as well as assign messages you want to send to them. RealTime Chat works as your CRM, making it your one-of-a-kind multi-purpose platform that works for you and for your leads.

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In today’s world, there are many opportunities for your customers to provide you with positive feedback. Whether you have received spontaneous positive comments through chat or you have formally asked for a positive review, you can push this to RealTime Reviews to publish as a review on Google and Facebook.

A Price The Rest of the Industry Can’t Beat

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RealTime Chat comes at a reasonable cost, so having a live chat widget for your website will not compromise your budget. Compared with other tools, our way of closing more leads packs more features and provides you with greater benefits, making the price a home run for your business. Whether you are getting it on its own or part of a bundle with our other products, you can make the most of the opportunities your lead generation has afforded you when you choose RTC.

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Starting at $79 monthly, RealTime Chat is the live chat software that more than understands you. It is your partner to greater success starting with faster and seamless communication with every lead that matters. Reach out to our team today to learn more about RTC and the other ways we can help you grow your business through RealTime Marketing. Contact us and find out the difference in meeting your client’s needs in real-time.

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