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Google Guarantee

Looking to promote your home services with a Google Guarantee? Need an expert to manage it for you? We are the team that you can trust!

Google’s Local Services Ads come with a stringent screening and qualification process. It takes more than just knowing your business inside and out, as it calls for an expert’s knowledge in LSA. Becoming a Google-guaranteed business and enjoying the benefits that come with being one can be a boon for your business but you may be wondering how. In addition, you pay per lead with LSA, so recording your leads and disputing unqualified ones will take experience and digital savvy. Most of all, the key to ranking high on LSA is having verified reviews, which are submitted by your customers through the LSA interface. The question is, can you get 100% of your customers to submit reviews?


The answer to your LSA concerns lies in Real Time Marketing. Our Advanced Local Service Ads Management service is what your brand needs to get to the next level and be a Google Guaranteed Business in your industry!

Gain the advantage above your competitors with Google Guarantee!

We have successfully increased phone calls and bookings for our clients as we perform Advanced Local Service Ads management for the home service businesses. We also provide Advanced LSA management for plumbers and continue to produce record-breaking phone calls for our clients in the plumbing industry. Likewise, our LSA management for HVAC and Advanced LSA management for roofers perform groundbreaking and skyrocketing increase in qualified leads.

Google Guaranteed 5 stars - Advanced Local Service Ads

Here are the Home Services Eligible for Google Guarantee Local Services Ads

Appliance Repair


Carpet Cleaning

Countertop Services


Financial Planning




Garage Door

House Cleaning


Junk Removal



Lawn Care



Pest Control


Real Estate



Tax Services

Tree Services

Water Damage Services

Window Cleaning

Window Services

Advanced Local Services Ads Google Guarantee for Home Services

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Only pay for Leads in YOUR Service AREA!

Only pay for Leads looking for the services YOU CHOOSE to market!

Any other phone call other than the above… YOU DO NOT PAY.

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And the best way to accomplish this is through


Understanding Google LSA 

Local Services allows you to gain more business through well-placed ads when potential customers search for your services. It makes it easy for companies to control the budget, let clients touch base, and even leave reviews. By signing up for Local Services, brands, in turn, build trust with their customers by becoming a Google Guaranteed business. Signing up for Local Services ads also automatically makes you a Google Guaranteed business, which is a step further to gaining a strong reputation online.

LSAs let your customers connect directly with you and filter results based on what you offer. They can simply click your ad and reach out to you via phone or messaging. Once you are done doing business, they are encouraged to offer a verified review that will be posted on your profile. This is a way to encourage other potential customers to book your services with confidence.

Here are a few numbers to show you how much LSA matters today:

Local Services ads by Google receive 13.8% of local SERP clicks

With LSAs, 25.3% of all clicks are on paid results, but this drops to 14.6% without LSAs.

More than half of those who click on LSAs do so because of the reviews, making the ratings the most significant contributing factor to clicks on LSAs

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Real Time Marketing is the Expert in Advanced Local Service Ads Management Expert

Make sure that your business relies on a team that understands Local Services Ads thoroughly. Real Time Marketing is the top choice of many industries in managing their LSA efforts because we know what it takes to be a Google Guaranteed business and have it work to your advantage. We manage everything for our clients so they can focus on their core functions. We make every effort in handling your LSA needs to help you maximize their benefits for your company.


At Real Time Marketing, our LSA service includes:

Application Process - We will cover everything, including the initial steps to ensuring your solid reputation online.

Phone Answering Service - We will take care of fielding questions and concerns from potential leads.

Recording and Reviewing Phone Calls - We will distinguish leads and make sure to get only those that are relevant to your services.

Tracking and Reporting - We will supervise the data, including cost and ROI.

Managing Reviews - We will check every client review to make sure they are verified clients of yours.


How does Google charge for Google Local Services Leads?

Advertising with Google Local Services Ads are charged for each valid lead received.

What's a Valid Lead?

Valid leads are people who called regarding the services you offer, and can occur in the following situations when customers find your Google Local Services ad:

You answer a phone call and speak with a customer or receive a message about a service/job type that you provide in the geographic market you are targeting during your available business hours and the call lasts longer that 30 secconds.

You missed a call from a potential customer and then return the call.



The Best State-of-the-art Reporting in the Industry

Make the Most of Google LSA

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, as you risk bringing in more customers to your competitors instead, especially if they are also using Google-guaranteed LSA. Losing leads is always the precursor to losing business and your industry.

Turn Google LSA into the best thing to ever happen to your online presence. Let Real Time Marketing handle things from start to finish and reap the rewards later on. With our team of experts who have the necessary training and experience in all things digital marketing, you can gain increased online visibility and greater trust through Google + Verified Reviews. This will lead to more leads and even more customers for your business.


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