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Help potential customers have an easier time finding you online by relying on the experts at Real Time Marketing. We offer you a greater competitive edge while staying true to the goals and standards of your business. We do this by helping you make the most of Google My Business and the many ways it can work to your advantage.

Understanding GMB

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool that lets you manage how you want your business to appear on Google’s Search, Maps, Local Finder, and Pack. Specially designed for local businesses in mind across different industries. 

As an owner or manager, you can add your business name, location, hours of operation, photos, and so much more. These are just a few of the things that all potential clients are looking for when they are in need of a specific product or service.

In return, GMB makes it possible to keep track of various metrics. For example, you can learn how people search for you on Google and where most of the searches originate from exactly. In addition, a Google My Business listing can improve your organic rankings. That means it is an essential item in the search engine optimization strategy of any local business.

Work With Real Time Marketing

Our GMB Management tool allows you to manage your existing GMB accounts and to add new GMB locations.

With our tool, you can:

Edit business name and description

Edit the address, and phone number

Edit business hours

Add website and appointment links

Manages images

See insights for the last 30 days

See search volume through direct search or through keywords

Views on search listing and maps listing

Visits to website, direction requests, calls

View reviews and respond to reviews

GMB posts - create new and schedule, edit, delete

Respond to questions in the Q&A

Reasons You Should Use Google My Business

‍There’s a distinct difference between a discovery search and a direct search. The latter refers to a customer who directly searches for your business name and/or address. On the other hand, a discovery search refers to when a potential client gets to find your business by complete happenstance.In other words, they were searching for a product, service or category that you offer and your business listing appeared during their search. The average business is visible in 1,009 searches per month, with 84% of these coming from discovery searches.


Get in Touch With Our Team

One key to having a strong online presence is being visible when your clients come searching for your products or services. Manage your GMB listings seamlessly with Real Time Marketing through our GMB Management tool. Let us be your partner in making the most of your business by appearing on where your target audience is. Register today to get started.

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